Products & Services

Residential Security

Make sure that your home and family are protected by a home security system that won’t let you down. It’s a sad fact that numbers of break ins continue to rise, but installing a home security system can be the difference between staying safe and being the victim of a crime. Deter unwanted visitors and keep your irreplaceable belongings safe where they belong.

Access Control

Access control systems give you the power to protect your home or business by granting access only to those you choose. Often integrated with other security systems such as alarms or CCTV, access security gives you the power to significantly reduce the risk of intrusion to your home or business. Superior Security Solutions have a great deal of experience installing access control systems and will be glad to help you protect your home or business by finding the right system for you.

Commercial Security

Superior Security Solutions can provide your business with the high level of protection it needs. We recognise that different types of business will have very different security requirements, and we are highly skilled at assessing our clients’ needs and implementing effective business security solutions.

Alarm Systems

Research shows that an alarm on the outside of your property is enough to make intruders as much as fifteen times less likely to attempt a break in. Couple this with the state of the art technology and user friendly nature of modern alarm systems and it becomes obvious that there is no reason not to protect your property with an alarm.

Industrial Security

Warehouses, workshops and other industrial sites often contain a company’s most valuable equipment and as such are a prime target for thieves. Make sure that your industrial property is adequately protected by getting Superior Security Solutions to install your industrial security system. Our expert knowledge and more than twelve years’ experience means that we will target the exact security needs of your industrial property and take all the necessary measures to ensure its absolute protection.

Intercom Systems

Intercom systems are a reliable and reassuring way of knowing who is at your door before you answer. Protecting your home or business with an intercom system means that you have the power to say no to unwanted visitors before it’s too late. Superior Security Solutions have installed intercom to hundreds of Australian homes, residential buildings and businesses and we will happily use our expertise to fit your property with the system that best meets your requirements. As well as the standard audio system, we offer video options that provide clear images of whoever is at your door.

CCTV/IP Cameras

Security Camera Surveillance is a highly effective deterrent to potential intruders, as well as an invaluable tool in the solving of crime. When you have something that you really want to protect then it is extremely worthwhile considering CCTV as a means to do so.

Video Monitoring

Video monitoring technology allows for onsite security cameras to be viewed instantly upon alarm activation or pre-timed schedules or on random virtual patrol time quotas.

Video monitoring is done securely by means of a dedicated secure network and by highly trained 24hr control room. Ideal for businesses, larger complexes and industrial sites, but can also be suitable for domestic use. Installing a Video Monitoring system saves you time and money as you have guaranteed video verified alarms. Leaves you safe in the knowledge that someone is always watching your property. A bit like employing several security guards but for a fraction of the cost of one, Video monitoring services give expert operatives the chance to spot and stop potential crime before it happens, as well as assisting emergency services to respond quickly and effectively in the event of an incident.

24 Hour Security Monitoring

Feel safe in the knowledge that you and your property are protected at all hours of the day. With 24 Hour Security Monitoring you are afforded peace of mind with the knowledge that if your alarm goes off it will not go unnoticed or ignored.

User Manuals

Superior Security Solutions provides user manuals for each system we install. Click here to download your user manual.