Alarm Systems

Research shows that an alarm on the outside of your property is enough to make intruders as much as fifteen times less likely to attempt a break in. Couple this with the state of the art technology and user friendly nature of modern alarm systems and it becomes obvious that there is no reason not to protect your property with an alarm.

  • Peace of mind that comes with knowing what is important to you is protected
  • Modern systems easy to use and built to suit a range of purposes
  • Significantly reduce your chances of being burgled
  • False alarm immunity technology

Superior Security Solutions have been successfully protecting Australian homes and businesses for over 12 years. We pride ourselves on our detailed knowledge of the many different types of alarm system available, and are certain that we can offer you an unbeatable service as we select and install the system that best suits your needs. Experts in installing both hardwired and wireless alarm systems, we offer anything from the most basic setup to more complex, zonally controlled systems. From burglar alarms for your home to a range security alarm services for your business, we are able to design a customized alarm system that will ensure the protection that you need. Features that you can choose to incorporate as part of your alarm system include:

  • Touch Screen Control Pads – State of the art digital touch screen control pad. Easy to use, and can double us as a digital photo frame to add an ultra-modern look to your home
  • Remote Control – Arm and disarm your alarm system from anywhere at the push of a button
  • Pet Detectors – Make sure you don’t have any false alarms. Detectors are available that will prevent your alarm sounding for pets, rodents and birds
  • Panic Buttons – Send an immediate call for help to a security center. A response unit will be at your property in minutes
  • Selective Area Control – Deactivate certain areas such as your bedroom at night, while the rest of your house remains protected

Call us today for a free consultation and make sure that your home or business is protected by the alarm system that it needs.

All our systems are of the highest quality and are backed by full warranty.

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