Video Monitoring

Video monitoring technology allows for onsite security cameras to be viewed instantly upon alarm activation or pre-timed schedules or on random virtual patrol time quotas.

Video monitoring is done securely by means of a dedicated secure network and by highly trained 24hr control room. Ideal for businesses, larger complexes and industrial sites, but can also be suitable for domestic use. Installing a Video Monitoring system saves you time and money as you have guaranteed video verified alarms. Leaves you safe in the knowledge that someone is always watching your property. A bit like employing several security guards but for a fraction of the cost of one, Video monitoring services give expert operatives the chance to spot and stop potential crime before it happens, as well as assisting emergency services to respond quickly and effectively in the event of an incident.

  • Stop crime before it happens
  • Your property completely secure under constant surveillance
  • Quick, effective response when crime occurs

Video monitoring protection is extremely flexible and can be adapted to meet your exact security needs. The system can be operational 24 hours a day, or programmed to work only at times you choose so that you only pay for the hours of protection that you need. If required, you can be permitted access to the system, or you can be kept informed of events with regular email or even telephone updates. Remote guard can also be used as an access control system for both businesses and residential properties.

Benefits of Video verification technology include:

  • Instant Video verification
  • Virtual patrols
  • Two way audio communication between site and control room
  • Employee monitoring
  • Access control
  • Use only when required
  • Several times more cost effective than a security guard

Superior Security Solutions are highly experienced at installing Video monitoring systems to make sure they protect your property in the most effective way possible. We will assess your premises and decide upon the best locations for your cameras, as well as discussing with you the different services that Video monitoring technology offers. Our expert knowledge of Video monitoring security systems means that you can be certain of the high level of protection that you require.

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